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  1. On 7/22/2018 at 11:43 AM, BobGarrity1 said:

    That is indeed so cool @Julie C🙌 I'm betting Peter Yarrow has some magical Puff powers that he shared with you.  Glad he did and glad those powers worked to start your journey. Thanks for sharing this fun and inspiring story!

    He is such a nice nice person.  Signed autographs and chatted with everyone during intermission and asked us what songs we wanted to hear in the second half.  He played all our requests.  And he was a great storyteller between songs.


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  2. On 7/22/2018 at 11:30 AM, Emma S said:

    Hi @Julie C🙂, what a incredible moment and starting point with your musical adventure🙂

    I always loved the sound of an acoustic guitar and a voice.  Growing up I never had the means to pursue it.  Guitars and lessons cost money I did not have.  So it never happened.  But the desire was always there.  Seeing the pure joy on Peter's face when he played and how he was one with the guitar brought that desire to the forefront.  So I asked my cousin who plays if he could just finger the chords to a song so I could strum and feel what it is like to play.  He pretty much said why don't you get a guitar and learn to play the chords yourself? I chose an in between step.  Got "Chord Buddy".  If it were not for Chord Buddy, I never would have stuck with it.  Such an amazing invention.

  3. On 7/20/2018 at 1:18 PM, Clueless said:

    If you ever doubt whether learning to play and sing is worth all the time, trouble, and non-understanding of some other people, remember this moment.  It's magical.

    It is likely to be the only time I sing in public, since I really cannot sing, but I got to sing on stage next to Peter Yarrow!  I cannot imagine any onstage moment, even if I could suddenly sing,  ever topping that.

  4. 48 minutes ago, Carol M said:

    Hiya @Fletch I have a bottle of the F-one and I LOVE it!!! And my entire guitarsenal loves it too. When I go to change the strings, they always remind me to please don’t forget the nice F-one Fretboard oil!!! (I have 10 guitars and just one bottle of this stuff, a little goes a long way and it’s still goin strong)

    I wouldn't even have a place for 10 guitars although I would sure be willing to try to fit them all in. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, Robert Carhart Jr said:

    @Julie C, so glad to have you among all of us at this jam, and I beg forgiveness as I didn't make the connection that you were the same Julie who almost left TAC altogether a while back--and aren't you glad you stayed?!  I think that TAC jams, and this is only my second, are what really makes TAC, TAC.  @Tony P, in my view, should give some serious weight to considering changing the "C" in TAC from "Challenge" to "Community" in this respect.  Your comments above embody so many of our journeys, and that it's not a race to some destination with shifting goal posts (sorry for the mixed metaphor).  Please come to the next one, and if you ever wish to come slightly south to one of Stacked & Staggered's jams, consider this your personal engraved invitation to do so.  Same vibe, different locale.

    @Robert Carhart Jr I actually didn't stay.  My membership expired in March.  And due to both financial and personal circumstances, I did not renew.  I hadn't touched my guitar in about 2 months at that point. Callouses were gone. Nails grew.  But then I got an email that an anonymous TACer had generously allowed me to continue.  I was stunned and totally overcome with emotion that someone I did not know had such faith in me.  And I vowed not to disappoint them.

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  6. 4 hours ago, Don H said:

    I have slow fingers and have concluded, after three years of TAC, that they will never get any faster.  So I just do what I can and enjoy playing.

    My goal is to get fast enough to progress to slow lol. 

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  7. On 5/10/2018 at 3:03 PM, Rae said:

    Go for it @Julie C, do the repair yourself. My bridge broke on my old guitar and luthiers were telling me it wasn't worth fixing because the guitar repair would cost what the guitar was worth, plus parts, so I did it myself. What they think is worthless, doesn't mean it is, with a little love and patience, you'll get it fixed. So far my repair is holding up pretty good, and it even sounds better than before.

    I plan to.  Just waiting for the right day with no distractions.  I get just one shot to fix it.  My dad had a stroke and after 2 1/2 months is heading home from rehab Monday. And our dog had a  major seizure yesterday. Never had one before.  Didn't think she was going to make it.  Had another this morning and it has taken all day to start to come out of the fog it put her in, even with the medicine the vet gave us. 

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  8. UPDATE: Have spoken to three different guitar repair people.  All say it can be repaired.  But the cost of repair pretty much equals the value of the guitar and all said I should try to do it myself and that I would be better off investing the money needed for repair in a new guitar.  Seems the biggest pitfall is the glue sliding before it sets and the pieces don't end up lining up, even when clamped. Tuning pegs all need to come out. It will have a scar.  But since the break is above the nut it should still be the same guitar.  Still hard to believe they can break while stored in a hard case made by the guitar manufacturer for that shaped guitar body. Trying to figure out what could be done to the outside of a case to prevent such a hard shock. 

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  9. 7 hours ago, Keith "SibeDad" L said:

    A professional repair makes no financial sense, only if there are other emotional attachments.  A self repair, you have nothing to loose, I would give it a shot; and I am not the handiest person in the world.

    Generally I am pretty handy.  Except it seems when it comes to guitars.  First time I tried to change strings I broke the E string in the process.  The low E string. Go figure!

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  10. 8 minutes ago, Keith "SibeDad" L said:

    Just wondering how you made out with Luna.  Did you look into a repair?

    I called one place and sent a picture of the damage. They estimated about $300.  The guitar goes for $349 new right now so a professional repair is not likely to happen.  There are many videos on how to do it yourself.  Might go that route once I feel comfortable possibly ruining my guitar forever. 

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  11. When I first started playing the $50 guitar sounded the same as the $5000 guitars in guitar center.  As time goes on, you will hear more and more differences. Differences between picks. Differences between strings. And differences where you strum or pick the strings.  When playing with Taylors in the store, they have a very bright high end.  Strumming closer towards the head brings out more low tones. What I would do to hear the differences is have someone else play your guitar.  They sound different when the sound is coming at you. If no one in your house plays, show them the em chord.  Then have them do a single strum near the bridge, over the sound hole, and near the neck.  You might hear the differences better when someone else is playing.  You can also have someone just pick the individual strings in different positions.

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  12. My temporary work around will be to use my ukulele in place of my guitar and explore the relation between the 2.  Turns out the Uke is like a guitar capoed at the 5th fret. So playing a D guitar chord on the uke is now a G. Been able to adapt the first few Warm up library lessons.  I think I am going to discover a bit of theory using the uke to keep up with TAC for now.  I am still in shock. I am normally sound asleep by now but am wide awake digesting this.

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