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  1. 2 hours ago, Michael K73 said:

    You have a real guitar 

    Yes and no.  when I bought Luna, I knew nothing about guitars.  I tried the $50 guitars.  And the $5000 guitars.  and they all sounded the same.  So I made my choice based on the only thing that was different.  How it looked lol.  My daughter had a goldfish named Luna.  And the Luna guitar had a pretty sound hole and the fret makers are cute.  But now that I can hear the difference, I want a guitar that sounds wonderful and feels good in your hands--2 things I could not appreciate before.  I like my Luna and always will.  But it would be fun to have a guitar that sounds really good too now that I can hear the difference. . 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Bernie said:

    @Julie C - If I remember correctly, about a year ago you were really discouraged with your rate of progress and quitting was even in the cards for you.. Obviously you've come a very long way.  Congrats.  I'm really happy for you that you stuck with it.  (If i've got the wrong person, so sorry, please excuse) and keep right on pickin'.

    @Bernie that was me. I actually did stop playing. And if it were not for the TAC community I would have never returned to playing. The support and encouragement here is the best! It is soooo much more than just lessons. Making the after video took 4 days of trying to get words out of my mouth. The 30 day challenge was the most noticeable progress I have ever made in a month. 

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  3. I am happy when I hit the correct strings.  I am a ways off from this level of pick control.  But it was interesting to see the science behind it all.  I will have to pay more attention to how I am angling my pick and if I can hear the difference. 

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