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  1. Been exploring the free world of online singing. So far have learned I am a limited range alto. E3 to F4. I really would like to increase my range on the high end. Also explains why I cannot sing along with anything without changing octaves. Looking at apps where you have to match the pitch, I seem to be able match the pitch with any note in my range. A good start! But its the quality of my that voice that is really lacking. Even fingerpicking softly on the guitar overpowers my voice. Lots to figure out!

  2. Thank you everyone! I really feel inspired now! Looks like there are some apps that help you develop pitch and range. Since I always have to change octaves repeatedly when singing alone in the car on rare occasion I am guessing I have a VERY narrow range. An octave is it for me. I will also check out the sites that were suggested here. It would be so cool to open my mouth and have pleasing sounds come out of it one day!


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  3. Slow is too fast for me. I NEVER have been able to play along with ANYTHING. And playing along with just a metronome at 40bpm is really not very exciting. I want to be able to play along with Tony! But I think I found a different way to get something out of the daily practices. I have been muting the strings with my fretting hand so I can concentrate on what to do with my picking hand. Never flat picked before this site. Never finger picked before this site. Neither feels natural or second nature. Takes a lot of concentration. Add fretting individual strings to it all and I feel like an uncoordinated mess. But I am hoping my new method will train my picking hand what to do to the point my fretting hand can join the party.

  4. Dan, the negatives are what will keep me a closet guitar player behind closed doors. I really enjoy this. But when the people around you offer discouragement, it can suck the life out of what you enjoy. So my guitar life is my private thing. It took a little while to accept that. But it is my norm now.


    I am glad you were able to adapt to three finger chord life! It would have be a shame to give up playing.

  5. Good video. It applies to way more than just playing guitar. There is anxiety whenever you do things in front of others. I can apply this to speaking in front of others. In my case though, I have lost ALL desire to play with or for anyone, or recording myself playing. I decided to start just over a year ago in my 50's. And the decision was met with a surprising amount of negativity by those around me. First, about the cost of just getting a guitar. I have a Luna Heartsong. Hardly one of the expensive guitars out there. I chose it because the sound hole was beautiful. Not much else to go by when you can't play at all and need to chooses a guitar lol. Then about starting at this age--you know you can never get good at his starting so late in life. Then others asking why bother if I can't sing. And even my mom, a piano player, asking what is the point to just strumming chords. Plus, my husband really does not like music. Any music. I heard "could you do that somewhere else" when I started practicing time and time again. So it is me and my guitar behind closed doors. It has become a very personal thing. Just me and my guitar :-)

  6. In my case I have been strumming basic chords for about a year and a half. In my own mind I thought I had come pretty far going from nothing to strumming along with any song with a D-E-A-Em-C or G chord. Then I found this site about 2 months ago and realized how much I truly do not know. And somehow I thought I would find the things I didn't know easier. But I am struggling here. Cannot play a single things so far at speed. Billy in the Lowground is listed as a starter and is too hard for me. But I love the guitar and how it makes me feel when I play it. And somehow the better I actually get the worse I sound to myself as I grasp how much there is to learn. But it is a good feeling when I can look at the daily practice TAB and go WTF, and then actually play it even at a crazy slow speed with lots of mistakes. It is a strange combination of feeling super discouraged by how much I don't know and cannot do and feeling excited when I actually can play the daily practice badly. Fingerpicking and flatpicking aren't going very well for me either. Takes so much concentration and still cannot. But I am very glad I found this site. If I were you I would totally get that electric guitar and enjoy the new dimension it will bring to your playing. If I ever got an electric guitar the first song I would want to learn is

    "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz. I should think more positively. When I get an electric guitar, I will learn to play "Fly Away"!

  7. I think what I am finding is I had no idea how much I really didn't know. Knew some chords and with my handy dandy capo could play along with many songs adjusted to chords I knew. It is kind of surprising to essentially find yourself in guitar kindergarten when you thought in your own mind you knew more than you did. I felt I was back to the first time I played a D chord and had to hold my fingers in place. But after just a month I know so much more than I did before and can see daily improvement. First time I glanced at "Freight Train" I thought I am not coordinated enough to play the melody and base at the same time. How do people do this? And in just a month or so of TAC, I get it and can. Slow and not great, but I can.

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