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  1. Hi Paul, are  you going to Bozeman in June?

  2. Hey DeeDee, looking forward to seeing you guys and everyone else in Bozeman!

    1. DeeDee L

      DeeDee L

      Hi Sandy,

      Likewise.  What experience are you registered for?  We registered for Emerson (blues).  

      P.S. Nice hearing from you. 

  3. Hey DanK, I noticed we live not too far away from each other.  I also noticed there's about 8-10 of us TACers in this part of Oregon.  Maybe we could all get together and for a jam club for TAC. I met Paul from Eugene this past June at ALF.  Thoughts?

  4. Hi Sandy , it seems like we have a lot in common. We both study acupuncture, love animals, and of course the acoustic guitar. Looking forward to dinner next year in Bozeman. Until then, don't be a stranger. 

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