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  1. Holy cow!  Really nice.  Inspirational!  I'm gonna copy you - if that's ok?  You're great.  I like to drop D and the timing you deliver to this piece.  I'd like to be able to play like you before too long.  Im 9 months into this delightful journey.  Rock on!

  2. Love the new profile pic Dan!

  3. Thanks Dan, I may get a smaller guitar but the one I presently have was a gift to me from my wife who saved over 20 years to get enough money to give it to me. I will never part with it, though, if I can purchase another without causing hurt to her I may just do so.

    1. Dan D#

      Dan D#

      Jay S, I totally get what you said! I didn’t mean get rid of it. My Favorite Guitar I own is a Martin D-41 it is Awesome in every way. But I have shoulder problems fro years of Motorcycle Racing. So after playing it, my arm is killing me. So I bought a small Martin CEO7 and I love practicing on it. I can play for hours and it doesn’t bother me. So when I have a piece to record out comes the D-41 but day to day practice and I leave it on a stand in the family room where I can pick it up and play if it’s only 5 minutes. If something happens to it it’s not the end of the world. So this is my .02

  4. Thanks Dan for your help in this matter of playing electric in the praise band at church. I appreciate the time and effort you put into to answer my question. There is already a guy who plays rhythm guitar on accoustic and I didn't just want to copy what he was doing but add accompaniment to it with the electric.

       I think I will take the fretboard wizard coarse and work on scales like you suggested over jam tracks. I really want to try this but was afraid to try

  5. @Dan D After seeing Frisco in action on your video. it got me thinking about one of my all time favorite blues tunes, Mean Old Frisco Blues! I was trying to make a run at playing this last week (in my own rudimentary way) and went down a bit of a rabbit hole researching it. I first heard it done by Eric Clapton years ago. Found it was originally penned by a fellow named Arthur Crudup, Crudup was well known by Elvis Presley in the early days. Crudup wrote That's Alright Mama. Back to Frisco, my new favorite version is the one by Muddy Waters & Johnny Winter!


  6. Thanks Dan. Your music is wonderful to listen too as well. Have a Merry Christmas!

  7. Dan,

    I hope you will  consider joining the Atlanta Jam club.  We are trying to meet once  month, and for the April meeting we will be in Roswell, which is a bit closer to you.


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