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  1. Great to meet you in person. Can’t wait for the next meeting

    1. Dave B (dr_dave)

      Dave B (dr_dave)

      Yup - +1 on that, Chuck. This doctor met that Doctor at Sharon and Dom T's back on Sept. 23 and I saw him on two more occasions shortly after that. My Dx is that it was great to meet him too, and my Rx is a few more meetings and jams. 

  2. Wonderful Tonight

    Yes, I'm really enjoying it. It will take time to hone it the skill but so useful!
  3. Wonderful Tonight

    Thanks Dave , I forgot that part lol
  4. https://youtu.be/fxAiUq8yn34 Key of G G D C D 1 V lV V G D C D 1 V lV V C D G D Em lV V l V Vl C D G lV V l Bridge? C D G D Em lV V l V Vl C D C D G lV V lV V 1 Transposed to the key of C C G F G 1 V lV V C G F G 1 V lV V F G C G Am lV V l V Vl F G C lV V l Bridge? F G C G Am lV V l V Vl F G F G C lV V lV V 1
  5. View Master Ookla The Mok

    It's what I do LOL Sending some positive energy in your direction Brother. Hope you have a Harmonious day!
  6. View Master by Ookla The Mok Key of G https://youtu.be/qHYdeYcf6JI Into D (and various Dsus versions) C C7 G D x2 G C A C D G C D G C D G C D G C D A Em A Em A Em G A D Chorus D Em G A D G G Em A D G Em A D G Em A G Em A D Work in progress cause this song seems endless :-) Bridge?
  7. I feel like the D-A-G-A is actually D-A-G-D, but I'm not sure.
  8. Chord Progression

    I don't think there is a 100% all the time answer to this, but i have been told the most common chord progression would be the 1, 1V, V chords. Not sure this answers your question though :-)
  9. Hi Esther, Welcome to TAC from a fellow late starter.
  10. Learn Learn Learn!

    Hi Toby, Welcome to the community. Where in NJ? I'm over in the Phila burbs
  11. B all the way, and great version of this song
  12. Manu Chao - Me Gustas Tu

    sounds like E to me
  13. Isn't She Lovely

    E sounds right
  14. Excited to learn

    Hi Dan Welcome to FW