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  1. Great to meet you in person. Can’t wait for the next meeting

    1. dr_dave


      Yup - +1 on that, Chuck. This doctor met that Doctor at Sharon and Dom T's back on Sept. 23 and I saw him on two more occasions shortly after that. My Dx is that it was great to meet him too, and my Rx is a few more meetings and jams. 

  2. Doctor How

    Wonderful Tonight

    Yes, I'm really enjoying it. It will take time to hone it the skill but so useful!
  3. Doctor How

    Wonderful Tonight

    Thanks Dave , I forgot that part lol
  4. https://youtu.be/fxAiUq8yn34 Key of G G D C D 1 V lV V G D C D 1 V lV V C D G D Em lV V l V Vl C D G lV V l Bridge? C D G D Em lV V l V Vl C D C D G lV V lV V 1 Transposed to the key of C C G F G 1 V lV V C G F G 1 V lV V F G C G Am lV V l V Vl F G C lV V l Bridge? F G C G Am lV V l V Vl F G F G C lV V lV V 1
  5. Doctor How

    View Master Ookla The Mok

    It's what I do LOL Sending some positive energy in your direction Brother. Hope you have a Harmonious day!
  6. View Master by Ookla The Mok Key of G https://youtu.be/qHYdeYcf6JI Into D (and various Dsus versions) C C7 G D x2 G C A C D G C D G C D G C D G C D A Em A Em A Em G A D Chorus D Em G A D G G Em A D G Em A D G Em A G Em A D Work in progress cause this song seems endless :-) Bridge?
  7. I feel like the D-A-G-A is actually D-A-G-D, but I'm not sure.
  8. Doctor How

    Chord Progression

    I don't think there is a 100% all the time answer to this, but i have been told the most common chord progression would be the 1, 1V, V chords. Not sure this answers your question though :-)
  9. Hi Esther, Welcome to TAC from a fellow late starter.
  10. Doctor How

    Learn Learn Learn!

    Hi Toby, Welcome to the community. Where in NJ? I'm over in the Phila burbs
  11. B all the way, and great version of this song
  12. Doctor How

    Manu Chao - Me Gustas Tu

    sounds like E to me
  13. Doctor How

    Isn't She Lovely

    E sounds right
  14. Doctor How

    Excited to learn

    Hi Dan Welcome to FW