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  1. Jo R

    Happy birthday, Dom!!  Hope it's a memorable one!!

  2. Happy Birthday Old Bean :) 

    Apparently, the secret to staying young is................ lying about your age :) 

  3. Dom T

    Is This $150 Capo Worth The Price? (AT9)

    Tough to say Dee. Quality? I dunno, I have no experience with it. I always bring it to the TAC Jam, so you can check it out there if you can wait.
  4. Dom T

    Is This $150 Capo Worth The Price? (AT9)

    Well Doc, the best answer is for you to try it next time you're here. Quality, cool looking, never fails me, and stays on the guitar in a unique way. Matter of taste though especially for the price.
  5. Dom T

    Is This $150 Capo Worth The Price? (AT9)

    I have one, I love it, and I know I am fortunate to be able to afford it. Amazingly built, and engraved too. Very cool.
  6. Dom T

    Ranch Road Recording, Red Lodge, MT...

    cool pic bro!