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  1. Hi @Dom T Thank you for the thumbs up

    Just had to do it so nice to chill fishing and

    hear nature whistling by smell fresh water

    and listen to the flow.  Keep well sir Dom

  2. Bo T

    Hey Dom I sure hope to be invited back,, I had the best time meeting all you folks,, Please pray for my 1966 Yamaha FG 180 its hopefully getting neck surgery very soon !,, 

  3. Happy, happy birthday Dom!😊🎸🎉🎶🎂🎂🎂🥃🥂🍻

    You’re 1 of a kind in all the best ways and it’s my good fortune to know you! Here’s to your good health and happiness with Mama TAC for many more trips around the sun 🌞 😎

  4. Thanks Dom T. I have really battled with self-talk the past couple weeks.  "I can't post this and on and on and on." to crying and thinking "what's the use."  But I went back to my notes AT#88 What's the Rush that Tony did.  a reminder that posting videos were robbing me of the joy of learning and enjoying what I was doing.  I will admit, learning how to post the videos was a real trial. I've been at it since 3 this afternoon.  I already had the video made, just had little knowledge of Youtube other than watching other guitar players playing.  I finally got it posted I think.  and your comment about getting better and having a blast was just what I needed to end a weary night.  Keep playing Dom and sharing with us.

  5. Happy birthday, Dom!!  Hope it's a memorable one!!

  6. Happy Birthday Old Bean :) 

    Apparently, the secret to staying young is................ lying about your age :) 

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