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  1. Hangin’ with my buddy @Chuck H at the Bump N Grind in Silver Spring, MD. I’m singing harmonies in an hour. We’ve already told two people about TAC and FretWiz!!


    1. Brian Santos

      Brian Santos

      Wow! Hope it went well! Sounds like a great event. Tell us more!!

    2. DeeDee L

      DeeDee L

      Awesome. Have a good time.

    3. Robert Carhart Jr

      Robert Carhart Jr

      This is a very nice photo; enjoy--and definitely tell us more about how it all went!

  2. @Carol M girl, if your ears are burnin', my daughter and I are watching your version of "The Water is Wide," and she said, "Ooh, I wike this wady," and when the song ended, "Mowh Cawol pwease." Too presh!!

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    2. Michael M

      Michael M

      Lovely song Wady Carol. The young Miss Michel has excellent taste in music.

    3. Eryn Michel

      Eryn Michel

      Hahaha yessss do it Wady Carol!

    4. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      this just made me smile.. and after being sick for over a week, I need smiles.. 

  3. 6th Annual Charm City Bluegrass Festival
    FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2018 - SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 2018
    Druid Hill Park  
    1. michael b

      michael b

      • Eryn  This is the festival I was talking about Saturday. Hope it is close enough for you to go to.
  4. Hey TACfam! Just posted my next three live shows in April/May in the DMV. A lot of details are forthcoming but it at least has the date, time and location. I'd love to see some of you all there! Let me know if you have any song requests! 


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    2. Sri R

      Sri R

      That is great Eryn! Congrats!

    3. Brian Santos

      Brian Santos

      Road trip!! Sounds like a great adventure! I think you already have a few must-stop destinations -- people to see and guitars to play!

    4. Michael M

      Michael M

      Thanks Eryn, will share this Friday.


  5. In front of the fire with a strong drink and my favorite girl, with Preston Reed’s “Valhalla” on. As soon as she goes to bed I get to jam out. Heavenly evening.


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    2. Todd T

      Todd T

      Sweet Baby James is a good lullaby so I'm told...Ive just about put myself to sleep playing that one:D Have a great evening!

    3. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      Best kind of evening..

    4. Dom T

      Dom T

      Perfect!  C U Soooooooon!

  6. Is it 3/3 yet????? Miss you and @Dom T. Can't wait to jam.

    1. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      We cannot wait either..   


  7. #Smallwin Saturday!

    Got elected to the board of my local songwriters' association!

    And I got a speeding ticket in the mail for $100 :S but then got good news an hour later... one of my songs that I wrote since joining TAC won Gold Level in the Music City Songstar competition, and the prize was... $100! xD TAC membership is already paying for itself.


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    2. DeeDee L

      DeeDee L

      That's awesome Eryn and very exciting.  Congrats. Lol money comes and money goes i.e. You either need to slow down or keep writing songs.  😃😃 Although a lil words of wisdom is to do both.  

      Good job!!!

    3. Adam P

      Adam P

      May you not drive as fast as your music career is accelerating!  xD

      Well done and well-deserved @Eryn Michel.  Makin’ all of us proud!

    4. Todd T

      Todd T

      Congratulations Eryn! Maybe the The next song should about Speed Reading or Writing 😄

  8. Thinking of you today, Brian. I dedicate today's practice session to you! Can't wait to hear how you are. ^_^

    1. Brian Santos

      Brian Santos

      Eryn you are so kind. Thank you so much!!

  9. Ok, better late than never, right folks? This is so truly fun having years of randomly picked up theory knowledge all start locking into place. I dove really deep into my "Learn These" Spotify playlist, and I'm getting ready for Christmas early. I decided to learn an unfamiliar Christmas song that I hadn't looked up the chords to yet: Key: C, 3/4 time Scale: C – Dm – Em – F – G – Am – Bdim – C Verse Progression: C – Am (maybe Am7?) – Dm – G This is repeated through the end of the third stanza, and then it soars up to an Em, but not on the traditional open voicing on the second fret. So Em with the 7th fret barred, followed by the most insane chord that I had to pick out for about 5 minutes. I thought, great, a jazz chord… as near as I can figure, it’s this: Db5/B (tabbed: 5X66XX), which can be cheated easily as an A or Amaj7. At this point I’ve clearly bitten off more than I can chew. B Section Progression: Dm – G – C – Am – Dm – G – C Since this is an older song (Sinatra’s version is, anyway), song structure was a little different back then. Et voila! I'm looking forward to transposing this a couple steps down so I can sing it. Ok, coffee time. I'd appreciate any corrections or thoughts!
  10. Am I the last one?? I bet I'm the last one. Sorry friends, I am SOOOOOO late to this guitar party. Due to bronchitis (mine and my toddler's!) I didn't even wrap my foundational five until last week but I'm here, catching up rapidly, and enjoying every minute. Key of C, methinks! I just picked a song I love that I have never played before, and it turns out it's in an easy key! Now the chords... that's a different story... and one for next week! Hope everyone is enjoying the course!
  11. Ok... I'm finally back at it. A sprained ankle, a sick toddler, and battling my own bronchitis meant that the guitar stayed in it's case for the past 10 days or so. I had nothing left to give to the craft. But I think I'm on the mend. I'm coming for you, November practice plan!!

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    2. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      You have certainly have had a rough go lately.. so glad you are finally on the path to health again.  And the baby too.. 

    3. Robert Carhart Jr

      Robert Carhart Jr

      Welcome back, Eryn; I'd thought you'd been having a rough go of late, but hope you're getting back on track.  Nice to see you on here!

    4. Dave '76

      Dave '76

      I’m right there with you. I hope your bronchitis dries up fast and I wish you a complete recovery. 

  12. Day 1 in the studio. Major success!!! 🎶❤️🎼❤️🎶


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    2. Brian Santos
    3. Michael M

      Michael M

      Congrats Eryn, sing up a storm.  I posted your American Songwriter article on Linkedin, Google+ and Facebook, just to get you a little PR.  Hope it helps.  

    4. Eryn Michel

      Eryn Michel

      Thank you Michael!!! :) I love the love. ❤️

  13. Gah it feels good to be back! The kiddo is asleep for two more hours still, so I've got a date with the staggered pinch and the academy. I missed you TAC!

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    2. Pam


      Good to see you again! I'm working on the Fingerstyle course too. Just moved to lesson 5 this morning which is after the staggered pinch. I'm so excited to finally be learning this, and it's coming more naturally now.

    3. Adam P

      Adam P

      Hey Eryn!  I like the new logo with the rose coming out of the bullet casing!  Will that be the cover art for your first album?  :)

    4. DeeDee L

      DeeDee L

      Hi Eryn. Missed you. Glad to see you around the forums again. 😁

  14. Awesome song. Keep on making music👍🏼

    1. Eryn Michel

      Eryn Michel

      Thank you Sepp :) That means a lot.

  15. Congratulations on your songwriting win Eryn, and also on finding a way to pursue your goal of songwriting.  I have a friend who is also a singer-songwriter and I'm sharing this as a  big Thank You for your service, as well as any other TAC service members out there.  This is a song Meeta co-wrote, entitled Dear Soldier.  Meeta performs regularly in the DE-MD-NJ-PA area, most recently in Charleston MD.  She has written and recorded many songs over the course of her career, all independently recorded and released, so it can be done, even if that big Nashville songwriting contract doesn't evolve.  Let's pray it does, but there are alternatives if it doesn't.  Best wishes for continued success.

    Dear Soldier - Newark Spring Concert.m2ts

    1. Eryn Michel

      Eryn Michel

      Thank you so much Michael! Both for the kind words and for introducing me to Meeta. I just found her show schedule so I'll have to check her out. You know, oddly, I don't really want a songwriting contract :) They're great for some people, but writing under the gun of a contract and an advance doesn't appeal to me. I don't know that I'd turn one down because that would be hard, but I'm super leery of them. I'm so grateful for the myriad options that songwriters have these days to get our music heard. And again, I'm grateful for your support! 

    2. Michael M

      Michael M

      Your instincts are probably right on the contract approach, it seems like there are more opportunities to just work independently these days.  I hope you are able to pursue songwriting in a way that feels right for you.

      I've been helping Meeta where I can to follow up with club owners in my area of PA, as this is about an hour an 15 mins from her home in Newark, and her husband who runs sound for her trys to stay within that range for gigs for them. One of those gigs was the day of the TAC meeting, which is why I left early.  Apparently I missed your performance of "Old Habits", so maybe you can reprise it at the next TAC east meeting, if I can make it.:)  Meeta is an awesome person as well as a talented songwriter/singer, so if you want to network with her just let me know and I'll send you her contact info.

      I am not sure what else you are doing regarding your music, such as playing gigs or open mics, but if there is anything I can help with just let me know.  In addition to the PA locations, I have made some contacts in Rehobeth Beach DE, which also sponsors a big music festival in Dewey Beach once a year.

      Take care Eryn.