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  1. Niels thanks for posting that diagram! it has helped me understand the concept much better

  2. Thanks Niels.  Yes, It's carbon fiber.  It's  Journey Overhead guitar, which can break down to put into an overhead compartment when traveling on on airline.  A great thing about it is that it doesn't seem to be affected by humidity.  I live in Southern California, and the humidity dips into the 20% range quite often, which my wood guitars don't like.  It's also a very easy guitar to play and is becoming my favorite guitar.

  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is .pdf file of the Major Scale Roadmap for better readability. It can also be printed 😊
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is a pretty random file uploaded to show how to use the Files section of TAC.
  5. As you are working the PD course, you will be expected to take the solos at the next Nordic Bluegrass meeting!

    I hope you are over your influenza, we missed you at the last session

    1. Niels


      Hi Phil,

      I am well again and looking forward to our Xmas gathering.

      Forget about me playing Next Level Playing stuff! 
      It’s mainly for electric guitar with lots of nasty bending going on 😬


  6. Great to hear there are more baritone players out there, Niels!  I have two of the Taylor 8-string baritiones and love the extra voicing options they give me.

  7. Oh well - I may as well take take advantage of the fact that my Christian name is spelled uniquely in TAC - away withy the “F” 😋

    1. Fletch


      I hate that 'F' ;) 

    2. Niels


      Frey has never been the same since Game of Thrones...

  8. Hi Pedro,

    As you may have seen, @Philip D, @Henrik L and I have formed a Jam Club.
    Are you still active in TAC?

    You are most welcome - look for "Nordic Bluegrass".
    Our next meeting is on September 14th.



    1. Pedro M

      Pedro M

      Sorry I didn't saw it on time. I had a fire at my apartment, so I've been quite disconnected from everything. Now I'm fine, and I'll be more around here, but most of this month I've been unable to play the guitar, since I burned my hand. I'm really happy to hear that you all are meeting and playing together! However, I'll move in October to Uppsala, so I'll miss all the fun. I hope you all the best jam sessions. 



  9. Niels


    My Guitarsenal 😊
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