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  1. Hey Brian - missed the 10/30 OM - helped my daughter move into her new condo.

    Do you know how we find the current FW Challenge in TAC?  I finished FW in 2017 and partially completed it in the last challenge.  But I cannot find the current challenge.


    Ed G

    1. Brian Santos

      Brian Santos

      Hi Ed-- it should be listed in your Courses.


      I think you just go to your area of interest and go through it again (even if it's already checked as done).

      Let me know if you find it!


    2. Ed G.

      Ed G.

      Brian - Thanks - got it!

      And thanks again for your help on holding a pick without destroying the fingernail on my index finger. I've finally been able to grow that nail - although it is my weakest one due to years of grinding it against the strings 😉



  2. Sharon - I think you once mentioned (at a S&S Jam Club meeting) a music shop near the Martin Factory that offered great prices on Martin guitars. Am i remembering correctly?  If so, please send me the info. 


    Ed G. 

    1. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      Hi Ed.  Yes, there was a shop near the factory that was offering 'better than average' prices but they no longer do that.   But they still have a great selection at good prices.   You can check them out at https://www.nazarethmusic.com/martin-guitars/

      Hope all is well.. stay safe

  3. Brian - thanks for the excellent advice and photos.  Where did you buy the current picks you're using!

  4. Eyrn - I'm one of the organizers of the Acoustic Cafe that has monthly performances at the Walter Reed Community Center in Arlington County VA.  I'd like to offer you a slot to play in the Fall (we're off for the summer).

    The Cafe offers a quiet LISTENING environment - not a noisy bar scene.  Openers get 15-20 minutes; featured acts get 50 minutes.  I believe we will begin paying performers this Fall (not a lot - but a least we'll cover your gas money). 

    If you are interested, you can call or text me at 703-915-3680, or email me at egirovasi@gmail.com  I don't find TAC very easy for communicating.

    You can check us out on Facebook at:



    Ed G

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